Quick Start Guide: AeroPoint Placement

This lesson provides some guidelines for placing AeroPoints in your survey area. Incorrect placement can lead to inaccurate GNSS positioning of the AeroPoint. To avoid this, please follow the steps for correct placement and take note of the examples of poor placement.  

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Tips For AeroPoint Placement

To obtain an accurate positioning of AeroPoint’s location, the following criteria must be met: 

  • A clear view of the sky in all directions. Avoid power lines, walls, machinery, vehicles, and trees.

AeroPoints Clear View of the Sky Graphic.png

  • Placed on a relatively flat surface (maximum 20° from horizontal).
  • Remain undisturbed during data capture.



Correct AeroPoint Placement

Example #1

AeroPoint is placed on a flat surface with no obstruction from nearby objects.

Good AeroPoint Placement Example 1.png

Example #2

AeroPoint is placed in a clearing with no obstructions from nearby objects.

Good AeroPoint Placement Example 2.png

Example #3 

AeroPoint is placed in the center of a clearing, away from vegetation and bodies of water.

Good AeroPoint Placement Example 3.png



Poor AeroPoint Placement

If AeroPoints are positioned poorly, it can obstruct or interfere with the GPS satellite constellations' signals required to accurately determine its position. 

Examples of poor placement include: 

  • Next to water (signal reflection off the surface), 
  • Underneath, on top of, or near metal structures (signal interference),
  • AeroPoint upside-down (signal interference),
  • Underneath power lines (signal interference),
  • Next to trees and buildings (signal obstruction) and
  • In deep grass or shrub (poor indication of the surface).

Example #1

Placing AeroPoints near metal structures can cause signal obstruction and interference.

Poor AeroPoint Placement Example 1.png

Example #2

Placing the AeroPoint next to tall trees can cause signal obstruction.

Poor AeroPoint Placement Example 2.png

Example #3

Next to a building and under power lines causes signal obstruction and interference. 

Poor AeroPoint Placement Example 3.png


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