How to Manage Notification Preferences in Your Portal

Propeller currently notifies customers when their dataset or AeroPoint survey hits different milestones during processing. The Notifications feature allows you to choose whether to be notified of an event or opt out of emails.

To adjust your notification preferences, open your account settings in the upper right corner of the portal and choose Notifications.

Manage notifications for sites


Choose the notification type from the available tabs—either Site Notifications or AeroPoints Notifications.

Change notifications for individual sites

You can also choose to receive notifications for individual sites by selecting them in the list of projects.

Click on the dropdown menu and choose the notifications you want to change.

Individual Notifications.png

Change notifications in bulk

To turn notifications on or off in bulk, choose the top drop-down menu and check or uncheck the boxes next to the notification options.

Manage Bulk Notifications.png




Manage notifications for AeroPoints

Likewise, you have the option to adjust AeroPoint Notifications.


You can also turn notifications on or off in bulk or individually, the same way as in Site Notifications.

Both notifications are turned on by default for all users, meaning you must opt out if you no longer wish to receive these emails.

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