How to Remove a Bridge/Structure That’s Covering Earthwork From Your Terrain Model

You can use Terrain Cleanups to remove a bridge or structure on site. For example, if you have a bridge under construction, you can remove it from your model to measure the earthwork underneath. 

To make a terrain cleanup, click closely along the boundary of the bridge. The more vertices you add, the more points we have to create the new accurate surface. 

What if I need to remove something on uneven ground, like a slope? 

If you remove a structure, for example, a bridgehead sitting on a slope, you can add breaklines to reflect the major topography. You can add as many breaklines as necessary to capture the detail of the shape for more complex features.

To make edits to the terrain above or below the existing surveyed surface, click on any vertex of the Terrain Cleanup and adjust the elevation. To lower or raise the level of the entire Terrain Cleanup, adjust multiple vertices to reach the desired levels. 


I still can't do it!

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