How to Interact with DirtMate Data in the Home View

Accessing DirtMate Data in the Home View

You can access 3D DirtMate data on any site through the platform’s home view for your site. There are two ways to interact with DirtMate data in the home view: using the DirtMate toggle to show DirtMate layers and viewing surfaces directly in polygon or line measurements.

How to Toggle DirtMate Layers On

The easiest way to view DirtMate data in the home view is to enable the DirtMate layers. The DirtMate toggle switch is in the top bar next to the date of the survey you’re viewing.

Enabling DirtMate layers will update the home view to show the latest surface that DirtMate has built onto the existing survey. Surfaces are updated every 30 minutes with DirtMate data. The date and time next to the DirtMate Layers toggle switch are the date and time of the surfaces shown in the home view. 

Note that if the DirtMate layers are toggled on, all surfaces displayed will include the DirtMate layers. The home view will display the imagery from the selected drone survey, but the surfaces reflect the DirtMate date and time.

Once the surface is enabled, two additional layers can be toggled on: the 24 hr heatmap and machine locations. 

The first layer is the 24 hr heatmap, which shows the work area captured by DirtMate in the last 24 hours. Turn on the 24 hr heatmap by clicking the three dots to the right of the DirtMate Layer toggle and checking the box for the 24 hr heatmap. 

There are no volumes associated with the shaded areas; instead, the heatmap provides a basic understanding of where your machines have been working over the last day. 

To prevent confusion, we recommend turning the 24 hr heatmap off if you are using polygon measurements.

The second layer in the DirtMate layer menu is Machine locations. This layer summarizes your machines' utilization and shows real-time positions.  

It will take time for the machines and their trails to load in the home view. Until the layer has fully loaded, you will see the approximate position and status of the machine represented by a small dot on the map.

You can show the machine locations by opening the Machines Timeline at the bottom of the home view. Click on a machine to see the location and utilization activity for that machine for the last two weeks.

DirtMate Layers for Polygons or Line Measurements

You can compare DirtMate data as a layer, similar to drone surveys or designs. When selecting a DirtMate surface, the measurement tool will automatically highlight the days since the previous drone flight, shown as a green dot to the top right of the date. 

You also can select a specific time to show. As with all surfaces from DirtMate, you can select surfaces in half-hour increments. By default, the end of the day (11:30 pm) is selected as the time.

Compare between DirtMate data and an existing design file by selecting the Compare to Latest Design template. When DirtMate layers are toggled on, the volume shown will be the volume-to-design compared to the DirtMate surface listed next to the toggle.

Compare progress between DirtMate data and a previous flight by selecting the Basic Volume template.

Select Volume Compare, and then Compare with, and select the DirtMate surface you want to investigate.

If the DirtMate Layers are toggled OFF, your polygon measurement will reflect a calculation from the survey to the DirtMate surface selected. If the DirtMate Layers are toggled ON, your polygon measurement will reflect a calculation from the DirtMate surface selected to the Date and Time shown next to the DirtMate Layers toggle. 

The surface used by the DirtMate Layers toggle is the most recent data available. You cannot select a custom date and time with the toggle. 

DirtMate Layers in Line Measurements

Line measurements will also use the data from the DirtMate Layers if they are toggled on. This can impact any measurement with elevation values, such as the elevation difference and slope angle templates. 

The Cross-Section Comparison template allows you to select from any available DirtMate surfaces on site. The date picker will allow you to select data in half-hour increments.

DirtMate Measurement Limitations

When using DirtMate, some features of the home view are not compatible. Currently, DirtMate data does not support:

  • Report downloads

  • Terrain cleanups

  • Crew polygons

  • Sites with composite datasets

Minimum height thresholds

When comparing measurements between the DirtMate Dashboard and the home view, the values may be different. This is because DirtMate can measure much smaller changes in elevation and volumes than drone flights, as it is more localized and more frequently updated. 

To smooth out small differences between drone flights, a minimum height threshold needs to be applied when comparing DirtMate surfaces to drone surveys. The threshold currently used in the DirtMate Dashboard is 3.9 inches (10 cm). Any areas with height differences below this threshold are not included in the cut/fill volumes in the DirtMate Dashboard but will be shown in measurements in the home view.


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