How to Use the Magic Polygon Tool

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the platform will suggest boundaries for measurements or terrain cleanups, reducing the need to manually draw polygon boundaries around objects. You can customize the buffer around the suggested polygon and the number of vertices used to create it.

Please note that the Magic Polygon tool is not available for pre-processed data (or, BYOD).

1. To use this tool, click CREATE A MEASUREMENT from the MEASURE tab and choose a Polygon measurement, like 'Stockpile,' from the template picker. 



The Magic Polygon tool will be available on the top of the map screen and turned on by default. 

2. Hover over the object (e.g stockpile) you want to measure, and the tool will suggest a boundary. To choose the suggested boundary, press the Shift key and left click. 

Use the corresponding letters on your keyboard (or sliders) to increase or decrease the Buffer around the object or the number of Vertices used to create the polygon.

  • Press 'I' to increase the buffer and 'U' to decrease the buffer around the object.
  • Press 'K' to increase the number of vertices and 'J' to decrease the number of vertices.

The boundary will adjust accordingly.

image (4).png

3. Choose the Surface Comparison type from the dropdown menu. Note if you're doing a Stockpile measurement this will be pre-filled automatically.


4. Click SAVE to make the name text box editable. Name your polygon and press the Enter/Return key. 

5. If you want to edit the polygon’s suggested shape, click on one of the nodes at the edge of the polygon.

Once editable, you can click and drag the shape or add additional vertices (nodes). Press the Enter/Return key to save those changes (or press the SAVE button). 


I still can't do it!

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