Export a Terrain Cleanup

Once you've used Terrain Cleanups to make selective adjustments to the surveyed surface, exporting a surface model that includes the changes made to the model for use with CAD or other specialized software packages is helpful. 

Export as a DXF

Use the Terrain Cleanup feature to make changes to the surveyed surface.

1. From the SURVEY tab, click the CLEAN UP TERRAIN button.



2. Use the Magic Polygon tool or draw a polygon around the area you want to clean up or exclude from your model and save it. 

Use the Custom Export Tool to download updated surface data incorporating terrain cleanups.

3. From the MEASURE tab, use the polygon tool to create a measurement of the cleaned-up area and save it.

4. Click the three dots menu next to the polygon measurement you want to export.

5. Choose the desired file format. Notice you can export files that include terrain edits.

The exported file will contain a DXF containing the surface, including any Terrain Cleanups, as a 3DFACE (TIN) entity type.

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