Renewing your DJI Care Enterprise Basic Protection Plan

DJI’s Care Enterprise Basic is a plan available in some regions that provide one year of protection for your Phantom 4 RTK (P4R) or Mavic 3 Enterprise (M3E). With an Enterprise Basic subscription, if your drone hardware is damaged, you can get a replacement for a reduced price. The price is $299 for the first replacement and $399 for the second.

How to renew

For U.S. customers, In all other countries, renew here.

In all other countries, please contact Propeller Support for assistance.

After you’ve received your DJI Care Enterprise Basic renewal code via email, follow the steps below to activate your protection plan.

IMPORTANT!  You must complete the DJI Care Enterprise renewal process before the original coverage expires.

Renewal Process

1. Enter your DJI Care activation code in the box on the DJI Care website. 

If you don't have an activation code, please contact your customer success engineer.

2. Enter your aircraft's serial number. You can find this number inside your drone's battery compartment (or on the drone case for the Mavic 3 Enterprise). 

The serial number for a Phantom 4 RTK has 14 characters and will look similar to this: "0V2CF9X0AXXX84."  

The serial number for a Mavic 3 Enterprise has 20 characters and will look similar to this: "1581F5FHX11X00000XXX."


3. Enter your personal information and follow any additional instructions on the DJI Care website to finish the DJI Care Enterprise Basic activation.


How to check if your DJI Care plan is active

Enter the aircraft serial number here. You may need to translate the page to English in the top right corner if necessary.

After inputting your aircraft serial number, you’ll see the date your DJI Care service was activated and how many replacements are available for each drone.  

NOTE:  If your DJI Care plan has never been active or has expired, you will receive an error message when attempting to input the aircraft serial number.

Possible Errors

The code is not working

Likely explanation: Your DJI Care Enterprise Basic code or aircraft serial number was incorrectly entered.

Steps to resolve: 

  • Make sure you are copy-and-pasting your entire DJI Care code directly from your email. 

  • Enter the 14-digit (or 20-digit for the M3E) serial number. There are no spaces and no letter 'O's, only the number '0'.

Error Messages

A DJI Care Refresh purchase history was not found for your product.

Likely explanation: The original DJI Care protection plan was never activated.

Steps to resolve: Contact Propeller Support for assistance.

There is a data error. Please contact DJI Support.

Likely explanation: The coverage has expired and the unit is beyond the standard renewal time frame. You must renew before your basic coverage expires.

Steps to resolve: Contact Propeller Support for assistance.

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