How to Plan a 2D Photogrammetry Mission with the Matrice 300 RTK

The most common type of mission flown with the Matrice 300 RTK is for 2D photogrammetry. This article provides an overview of that mission planning process. 

Please view our other help articles if you plan to fly a linear/corridor mission or if you plan to create a KML and import that KML file for your mission plan.

2D Mission Planning

1. Power on your drone and remote controller (RC).

2. Connect your RC to a WiFi network or hotspot to ensure base maps will load to assist with mission planning.

3. Tap Pilot on your RC.

4. Tap Flight Route.

5. Tap Create a Route.

6. Tap Mapping.

7. Locate your site by panning around the map and using two fingers to adjust the zoom. 

8. Tap the screen once to add a four-point polygon.

9. Edit the polygon to fit your desired survey area. Use the two small arrows in the upper right (marked by the red square below) to close the side menu and allow more room for editing.

10. Tap on the arrows again to open the side menu.

11. Adjust the mission name and the settings as listed in the table below. You will navigate through several menus in the app to do this. If you encounter settings in the app not mentioned in this table, leave them at their default.

12. Tap the save button on the left side to save your settings.

13. Navigate to the camera settings by tapping on the Zenmuse P1 view as shown below. The map and camera view will switch places.

14. Tap Menu just above the photo/video toggle on the right side.

15. Adjust the camera settings as described below. If you encounter settings in the app not mentioned in this table, leave them at their default.

Check the airspace on your site before you arrive, and remember to charge your AeroPoints and drone batteries before your mission.

I still can't do it!

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