What Do Machine Location Colors in the Home View Mean?

Machine locations in the Home View can only be viewed when DirtMate layers are toggled on. There are two ways to turn on the machine locations: 1) by clicking the three dots to the right of the DirtMate Layers toggle and checking the option to display the Machine Locations, or 2) by opening the Machines Timeline tray at the bottom of the screen. 

Users can interact with the Machine Locations layer by clicking on any machine. Once a machine has been selected, the timeline will provide utilization information about that machine's activity over the last two weeks. 

The timeline is color-coded to show what state the machine is in. 




The machine is actively moving. 


The machine is idling.


The machine is off.


The machine has not checked in.


There is poor quality data.


The DirtMate is not connected or asleep.

Change the scale of the timeline by scrolling in and out with your mouse wheel while in the timeline box. Click on a different portion of the timeline to change what time you are viewing. The machine locations will automatically play back in real-time. You also can move through the timeline to watch how machines interact with each other.

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