Managing Portal Users and Teams

If you are a portal administrator, you can manage users' permissions in your portal either individually or through teams. 

Access to your AeroPoints dashboard is managed separately from access to your portal. Please refer to How to Manage Users in the AeroPoints Dashboard for more information.

From the Homepage, click on the site's thumbnail and choose Share access.

A link is generated, and you can share the link with anyone you want to invite to your site. Click COPY LINK, and from the dropdown, choose the level of access you want to grant the user.


You can also invite users in the site settings. Navigate to People & teams by clicking your name on the top toolbar.

The People tab will show all users with access to data within your portal— whether they have been given access directly to a site, are part of a team, or are portal administrators.

The Teams tab will show you all the teams created in your portal. Teams allow you to give users access to multiple sites at once easily.

Managing people

The People tab allows you to add or remove people from your portal, edit the teams that those people belong to, and edit the permissions those people have on your sites.

Inviting new members

There are a few ways you can invite people to your portal—using the INVITE MEMBERS button, or through the portal settings.

From the Homepage, click INVITE MEMBERS on the top-right of the site page.

Type in the user's email address and click ADD PEOPLE.

To add multiple people, enter an email address and press the space bar. Then, add the next email address. You can continue to add users in this way.  

Alternatively, you can add additional people through the portal settings. Navigate to the Settings tab in the portal and choose People & teams.

Like the instruction above, type in the user's email address and click ADD PEOPLE.

To add the user as an administrator, toggle the Administrator switch. Administrators will have full access to the portal and any site within it.

You can select which teams the user should belong to by clicking on the team's checkbox. 

Next, select which sites they should have access to by clicking on the permissions dropdown and assigning the appropriate permissions.

If the user requires the same credentials for every site in your portal, you can use the first dropdown to set the same permissions for every site.

You will see the list of addresses in the side toolbar if you have entered multiple email addresses. Select the ones you want to include when setting permissions. This allows you to add multiple people to your portal simultaneously with the same settings.

If the user needs different credentials for each site, you can set them individually. Once done, click the INVITE button.

This will email the user all the details required to access your portal. 

You will need to toggle the admin switch, select at least one team, or give permissions on at least one site before you can click the Invite button.

Managing existing users

To manage existing users in your portal, find them in the list and click the corresponding row. This will allow you to configure the same settings when adding a user. 

You can also click the three dots by each name, giving you some quick options.

When you remove a user, they will lose all access to your portal, its teams, and the sites within.

Managing teams

The Teams tab allows you to add or remove teams from your portal, control the permissions that those teams have on your portal and sites, and add or remove members from teams.

Adding a new team

To add a new team, enter a name and click the CREATE TEAM button.

Any permissions you assign to a team will also be given to all team members. 

You can assign permissions on existing sites and default permissions for new sites. You can also allow team members to create new sites by ticking the Create Sites checkbox.  

To add members to the team, start typing their name or email address in the team members section to find users in your portal, then click ADD MEMBERS.

 You can only add members that are existing users of your portal. If you need to add someone else, add them in the People tab using the process above.

Managing existing teams

To manage existing teams in your portal, find them in the list of teams and click the corresponding row. This will allow you to configure the same settings when adding a team. 

You can also click the three dots for some quick options.

By managing the users and teams in your portal, you can easily control access to your worksite data, increase visibility across your team, and encourage cooperation to work more efficiently and effectively. 

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