How to Move Survey Data to Trimble Connect

Moving large files can be burdensome and tricky. As a Propeller Stratus customer, moving survey data to Trimble Connect is a seamless process.


  • Access to a Propeller Stratus Portal

  • Trimble Connect account 

  • Ability to sign into Propeller Stratus via Trimble SSO

  • Export permissions on your site

How do I send a file to Trimble Connect?

Sign into your Propeller Stratus Portal via the Trimble Single Sign-On (SSO) feature and navigate to the site you want to export data. 

You must have export permissions to move files to Trimble Connect.

In the list of files, select the file type you want to export and choose SEND TO TRIMBLE CONNECT.

Navigate to your region. By default, it will open to the region where you reside. From here, select your project, and the project’s folder. Click SEND HERE.

A pop-up window will show that your files are being sent to the chosen folder. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

Sending files can take 20 minutes or longer before they are available in Trimble Connect, depending on the file size.

If there is an issue sending the files to Trimble Connect, you will receive an error message.

How do I know my file was received by Trimble Connect?

If you have Trimble Connect notifications enabled, you may receive a confirmation message that your files have been successfully received. 

Please note if successful, you will not receive another notification from Propeller.

If there is an issue receiving your files, you will receive an email from Propeller with troubleshooting recommendations. 

Please note if unsuccessful, you will not receive another notification from Trimble Connect. 


If you are experiencing issues sending files to Trimble Connect, please check the following:

  • Do you have enough space in your Trimble Connect account for the files you are trying to send?

  • Do you have the correct credentials to send files to Trimble Connect?

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your Customer Success Engineer directly who can help you continue to troubleshoot.

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