Activate the DJI Care Enterprise Basic for the Matrice 300 or 350 RTK Drone

When setting up your Matrice 300 or 350 RTK drone for the first time, you'll want to activate the DJI Care Enterprise Basic protection plan as soon as possible to receive a replacement if your drone is damaged. 


In some regions, DJI Care is an enterprise-level plan that provides one year of accidental damage protection for your M300/350. If your drone hardware becomes damaged, DJI Care will usually allow you to receive a replacement from DJI in the mail. Your deductible is $799 for the first replacement and $899 for the second.


Please follow the steps below to activate the protection plan before using your M300 or M350.

IMPORTANT! The DJI Care Enterprise Basic activation process must be completed within 72 hours of logging into your DJI account on the drone's remote controller.


1. Enter the DJI Care Enterprise Basic activation code at the DJI Care website and complete the security prompt.

2. Please contact your Customer Success representative if you don't have an activation code.

3. Next, they’ll ask you to enter your aircraft's serial number.

4. You can find this number on the drone carrying case or the nose of the aircraft. The serial number has 14 digits and will look similar to this: 1ZNDH000000000

5. Enter your personal information and follow any additional instructions on the DJI Care website to finish the DJI Care Enterprise Basic activation. Save a copy of the agreement for your records.


If you receive an error saying your product can no longer be bound to this service, then the 72-hour activation window has likely lapsed. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Email titled Remote Video Verification Request for DJI Care Enterprise Basic Activation. The email should read: "I am writing to request help to activate my DJI Care. The DJI Care website gives me an error saying your product can no longer be bound to this service. I would like to request the instructions for activating the Care Enterprise Basic plan for my Matrice drone. Please let me know the best way to begin."
  2. DJI Support will respond with instructions on how to create a video showing that the drone is in working order. Create a video following DJI's instructions as closely as possible. If you can't complete one step they ask for, mention this in the video and move on to the next one until you're finished.
  3. Send your video to DJI Support. You should receive an email from them approving your request. 
  4. Once approved, you must follow the normal activation Instructions included above in order to officially connect the service plan with your drone. 

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