Upload Files and Designs to a Dataset

Uploading design files to your site can be useful to compare against your survey files. When uploading files, supported formats will be automatically converted to a Design. Non-Design formats are stored in the Files within the OUTPUTS tab.

To upload a file, select the DESIGNS tab and click IMPORT A DESIGN. Drag and drop or navigate to the file you want to upload.


Supported file types will be automatically converted as a Layer in your Portal for instant viewing. The supported file types are:

  • DXF
    • Supported DXF entities:
      • Arc
      • Circle
      • Dimension
      • Ellipse
      • Face
      • Line
      • LWpolyline
      • Mesh
      • MText
      • Point
      • Polyline
      • Solid
      • Spline
      • Text
  • TTM
  • IFC
  • KML
  • KMZ 
  • LandXML (CgPoints and Surfaces only)
  • PDF

Once uploaded, the file appears in the DESIGNS section and can be toggled on and off.

Other files types

With the exception of executables and files over 1GB, you can upload almost any file type to a dataset. 

Commonly uploaded file types:

  • Documents related to flight plans, safety, and reports. 
  • Excel/CSV working files related to the dataset.
  • JPEG images containing detailed, ground-level photos of features related to the dataset

Once uploaded, the file will be available for download by anyone viewing the dataset.

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