Getting the Most Out of Secondhand AeroPoints

When buying or selling secondhand AeroPoints, there are a few things you can do to make sure the transfer is smooth and your data is collected correctly.

Buying secondhand AeroPoints: What you need to know


If you are buying secondhand AeroPoints, please be aware that they may not be covered under the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If the AeroPoints are still within the manufacturer’s warranty, the remainder of the warranty will transfer to the new owner, but will not reset.

New AeroPoints come with an annual data processing subscription. If the AeroPoints are bought or sold during that subscription period, the remainder left on the subscription will transfer to the new owner. Once the original subscription expires, the new owner is responsible for purchasing additional subscriptions. 

If the buyer currently owns a set of AeroPoints and this new AeroPoint purchase is to add to their fleet, the buyer must let our Hardware Support team know if they would like to add the additional AeroPoints to their existing group and make sure that the seller grants access to those AeroPoints (see section Transfer ownership below for reference).

The seller should also guarantee the secondhand AeroPoints are of acceptable quality. Meaning that they are:

  • Safe and free from defects
  • Acceptable in appearance and finish
  • Adequately perform the job that the user would expect


Before you buy, it is a good idea to:

  • See if the products have a current manufacturer’s warranty that you can take over.
  • Ask questions about the product’s age, wear and tear, or faults. Keep a copy of the seller’s answers.
  • Ask the seller if they kept the original receipt or a copy.


Selling secondhand AeroPoints: What you need to know

Transfer ownership

AeroPoints are connected to a user’s portal and assigned to an owner. When AeroPoints change hands, the current owner must grant permission, per our transfer policy, to transfer ownership. We require written authorization from the current owner’s business email to proceed. 

What information do we need from the current owner?

  1. Your full name
  2. Your business email address
  3. The new owner’s full name and title
  4. The new owner’s email address
  5. The new owner’s company name
  6. The date of when the transfer to the new owner will happen
  7. A brief description of why the AeroPoints are changing hands


How to contact us

You can contact our customer support team through the chat window in the upper right corner of your portal, or email us at   

Troubleshooting secondhand AeroPoints

If your AeroPoints malfunction, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot them. Depending on the model you purchased, you will have to follow a different troubleshooting workflow for either AeroPoint 1s or AeroPoint 2s.  If your AeroPoint is malfunctioning and is still under warranty, it may be replaced. Please contact our Support Team for more information.

Caring for and extending the life of your AeroPoints

AeroPoints are built tough, but you can extend their life by keeping them clean and dry when not in use. Simply remove dirt and dust with a damp cloth once your job is complete or soon after. AeroPoints are water resistant (they can handle some mud, splashes, or light rain) but they are not waterproof. They should never be submerged or left out in heavy rain.

Reduce the risk of sand or gravel scratching the solar panels by stacking and storing AeroPoints with the undersides together. 


Keep your AeroPoints healthy by charging them to full regularly after use and before long-term storage. If you are using AeroPoint 2s, take care of the charging port on your AeroPoint by assuring that it’s clean and always closed unless charging. This will limit the possibility of dust/liquids corroding the port.

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