How to Use the Volume Compare Design to Design Feature to Compare Design Files

The Design to Design tool in the Platform allows you to measure the difference between separate design files without uploading a Design file as a survey. 

For example, if you have an original topo from a rover, you can compare this with your finished grade. This tool is especially useful for comparing what is happening currently on your site (Compare from) to the future or finished design (Compare to). 

To create a measurement, click the CREATE A MEASUREMENT button to open the Template Picker. 


In the Track Progress section, choose Design to Design

Use the Magic Polygon tool, or draw a polygon around the area on the site you want to compare. Once the polygon is complete, select a design to Compare from and a design to Compare to

To compare designs, they must overlap.
Surface Comparison Design to Design.png

Select the designs you want to compare in both the From Surface and To Surface categories.

Surface Comparison Choose Design.png

The Design to Design tool will calculate the volume between the two design files where they overlap. 

Change measurement units

Select the most appropriate measurement unit for distance, area, volume, and density from the dropdown menu. This makes it easy to move between imperial and metric units as needed and create reports in your preferred units.

Change Measurement Units Polygon.png

Click the two arrows between the surveys to swap the Compare from and Compare to designs easily. Notice how the Cut/Fill and Net adjusted from the change.

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