What's New For DirtMate— Aug 3, 2021

New Cumulative Volume total that captures rework 

Thanks to your feedback, we've doubled down on improving the Cut/Fill Totals feature in the Dashboard. 

Cumulative Volumes make it easier to track progress and accurately bill for work done by calculating the total quantity of material moved, including any rework performed, for any area and timeframe you select.

The existing Surface-to-Surface total calculation will compare the difference between any two surfaces, excluding any material moved between the two dates you have selected. 

Enhanced filtering—An easier way to zero in on the data you need

Customize your view with the Time-Picker 

The new Time-Picker, found under Custom date range, gives you more control and greater flexibility when analysing production quantities in the DirtMate Dashboard. 

Simply select the Custom date range and adjust the time of day to filter all data in the Dashboard view.

Better analyze Cut/Fill progress by removing unnecessary data

You can now set the start and end of your desired time frame rather than having to view data from the entire day by default.

Remove the guesswork with the new Timestamp Toggle 

The new Timestamp Toggle means you no longer have to make assumptions about exactly how long any given machine was in an active, off, or idle state. When analyzing machine utilization, you can now click on an individual machine's utilization tracker to view each state's precise start and end timestamps and duration.