How Do I Move DirtMates Between Machines?

DirtMates are designed to be easily swappable between working equipment on your site, based on what’s required at any stage of the earthmoving process. Here’s how to uninstall a DirtMate from a machine and modify an existing install when moved to a different position or machine.

Moving DirtMates Between Machines

If a DirtMate is moved on the same machine or removed from a machine, it will need to be uninstalled from that machine using the DirtMate app. Otherwise, the DirtMate will continue reporting data as if it is still attached to its previous machine.

Uninstalling a DirtMate from a Machine

Use the app to uninstall a DirtMate.

1. Open the DirtMate app, go to the Fleet tab, and select the fleet for the machine you want to uninstall from the list at the top of the page.

2. In the INSTALLED tab, find the machine that you want to remove the DirtMate from, and tap UNINSTALL located to the right of the machine name.

3.  A warning message appears confirming you want to uninstall this machine. Select “YES, I’M SURE” to proceed, then tap Next. The machine and the DirtMate are no longer associated with each other.

4.  A message appears stating the machine was successfully uninstalled, confirming that the machine and DirtMate are no longer associated.

Modifying an Existing Install

If a DirtMate on the same machine is moved to a different position or if the same DirtMate is attached to another machine, you need to modify its installation settings.

  1. Follow steps 1-2 above when uninstalling a DirtMate, then select the machine.

  2. A menu appears where you can modify the existing measurements.

After modifying the measurements, select the time the new measurement is valid, and tap SAVE.

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