How Do I Check DirtMate Site Health?

The site health feature is located on the diagnostics page in the DirtMate dashboard and provides information regarding the current status and performance of the networks and DirtMates on site. 

  • For machines with DirtMate installed, the site health tool allows you to view
  • Network Gateway connection status and cellular signal strength
  • DirtMates connected to each Network Gateway
  • DirtMate connection status and connection time
  • DirtMate Wifi signal strength
  • DirtMate data queue 
  • DirtMate battery health and charging source

The site health table only provides live data for the DirtMates and Networks, regardless of the time frame selected in the DirtMate Dashboard. 

How do I open the DirtMate Dashboard Diagnostics page?

1. Log into the DirtMate Dashboard, select the site and timeframe of interest, and open the right-hand menu. At the bottom of the menu, click DIAGNOSTICS.

2. This will open the diagnostics for your site. Under View options for diagnostics, ensure the Site Health widget is enabled.

What does the Site Health widget tell me?

The site health widget provides the live status of your Network Gateways and DirtMates. If the DirtMates are offline, the table will show the last known status for the Network Gateways and DirtMates on a particular site.

What information can I see about my Network Gateway?

A Network Gateway must be assigned to a site to display on the Site Health table. If the Network Gateway has not been added to your site, you can refer to this article on setting up your Network Gateway. If the Network Gateway you are looking for is not listed, please confirm that you are accessing the project to which the Network Gateway was assigned using the DirtMate app.

The gray portion in the first column will give information for each Network Gateway associated with the site. The field will display the Network Gateway serial number and any custom name given to the Network Gateway. The Network Gateway field will display:

  • if each Network Gateway is online or offline
  • the last time connected
  • and the connection strength to the cell tower

Network Gateways will be flagged as unhealthy with a highlighted yellow field if they are offline and registered to a site or have a poor cell connection. In cases with poor connectivity, consult the relevant cell network provider to ensure that the area where the Network Gateway is set up has good coverage.

What information can I see about my DirtMates?

The site health table will show the DirtMates sorted by the Network Gateway they are connected to. It also contains information about their Wi-Fi connection, data storage, and battery health.  

DirtMates are listed by machine name. If a DirtMate is currently connected, all the information displayed is live data. If the DirtMate is offline, the information displayed is the last known data. 

The information in the site health table will not change to view past data regardless of the time frame selected.

Wi-Fi connection status

DirtMates in the table are automatically sorted chronologically with those currently connected at the top of the table, followed by the most recently connected DirtMates.  If a DirtMate connects to another Network Gateway, it will update to be listed under that Network Gateway, regardless of which site that Network Gateway is registered to.

If a DirtMate does not connect for more than 18 hours, the STATUS and LAST CONNECTED AT fields for the DirtMate will be highlighted in yellow. 

The SIGNAL column displays the last known connection strength to the Network Gateway.  DirtMates on other sites or those without a strong connection to the Network Gateway will be displayed under an “unknown network” at the bottom of the table. 

If a DirtMate or fleet of DirtMates consistently shows poor connection strength, the Network Gateway may be too far away from where the machines are working or parking, or there may be obstructions between the Network Gateway and the machines. The network quality map widget on DirtMate diagnostics will display the average connection for a DirtMate in that area, so it may not match the value shown in the Site Connection table, which is the latest known value.

DirtMate data in the queue

The DATA IN QUEUE column will display the last known amount of data stored on the DirtMate waiting to be uploaded. A DirtMate with 0% data in the queue has no data stored on the device. A data queue of 100% indicates at least 24 hours worth of stored data saved locally to the DirtMate. A large data queue is caused by poor or no connection to a network that the DirtMate recognizes. Once a DirtMate has reached its storage capacity limit, it will start overwriting data on the device and prioritize saving the newest data. Once a DirtMate reconnects to a network, it will automatically upload data at the fastest speed the connection allows.

If a DirtMate is offline, the DATA IN QUEUE represents the last known value. The queue value will increase when the DirtMate is offline but still powered on.

A DirtMate with 50% or more data in the queue will be marked as unhealthy, as this large queue indicates surfaces for the site may be incomplete.

DirtMate battery status

The final two columns of the site health table display the battery and charging status for each DirtMate. The BATTERY status is represented by a battery icon color-coded based on the battery's health. The battery icon indicates if a DitMate has a high, medium, or low battery. DirtMates with a low battery will be highlighted yellow to indicate that this DirtMate may not be able to continue collecting data unless charged.

If a battery is charging, it will show the charging icon. This indicates that the battery has current coming into it and we are unable to display a battery percentage.

The charging status displayed is based on incoming power. However, the unit may not actually be charging if the temperature inside the DirtMate is outside the allowed charging range of 32°F -100°F (0°C-40°C). 

The final column, CHARGING VIA, displays how the DirtMate is being charged. 

  • This column will display a dash if the DirtMate is not actively receiving current. 

  • If this column displays “port,” the DirtMate is receiving current from an external power cable attached to the DirtMate. 

  • If this column displays “solar,” the DirtMate is receiving current from the solar panels.

It is possible for a DirtMate to receive current from both solar and an external power cable. In this case, the column will display whichever source has a higher input voltage.

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