How to Update the Firmware on an AeroPoint 2

Please note that AeroPoint 2s will automatically check for firmware updates each time you complete an upload.  For more information, click here for step-by-step instructions on installing this firmware update manually.

Firmware version as of March 8, 2024

Firmware Details:

Previous Firmware: 61

Current Firmware: 73

AeroPoint 2s rely on the firmware of the internal components to:

  • Capture GPS survey data effectively
  • Store the data for future upload
  • Communicate with the AeroPoints app

When you receive an AeroPoint 2, it’s good practice to check for a firmware update.

If your firmware isn’t up to date, certain troubleshooting methods or functions may not work on your AeroPoint 2. 

You can check the current firmware version of your AeroPoint 2 in the AeroPoints app. 


What Happens During an Update

  1. The AeroPoint connects to a WiFi network

  2. The AeroPoint checks to see if there is new firmware available

  3. If found, the AeroPoint downloads new firmware

  4. The AeroPoint installs the firmware and then restarts itself

  5. The AeroPoint will connect to a WiFi network again and check if there is any new firmware

  6. If there is no new firmware, the AeroPoint will power off. If there is still new firmware, the process repeats.

  7. When the AeroPoint is updating its firmware, the power and network lights will flash alternately


How to Update Firmware

After uploading any captured data, the AeroPoint will check for new firmware. If there is a new firmware version, it will update using the process described above.

Firmware updates will work best on a high-quality WiFi network.

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