How to Remove Equipment or a Stockpile from Your Terrain Model Using Terrain Cleanups

Terrain Cleanups allow you to remove inaccuracies or features, such as vehicles, stockpiles, or bridges, from your terrain model to calculate accurate earthwork quantities. 

All cleanups are organized under a single folder structure. You can use the checkboxes to turn each cleanup on or off or use the box at the top to turn them all on or off simultaneously.


Who can access this feature?

Only users on a site with process-level permission can edit a terrain model.

Users without Process permission (i.e., View or Edit only permission) can enable visualization of where terrain cleanups have been made but cannot make edits to the terrain.

How to remove a stockpile, vehicle, or pile of debris 

To start, click the SURVEY tab, turn on Terrain in the MAP LAYERS, and then click the CLEAN UP TERRAIN button.


Use the Magic Polygon tool to suggest terrain cleanup boundaries or draw a polygon around the terrain you want to clean up.

Hover over any feature you want to clean up, and the Magic Polygon tool should suggest a boundary. To choose the suggested boundary, press the Shift key and left click. 

Use the corresponding letters on your keyboard (or sliders) to increase or decrease the Buffer around the object or the number of Vertices used to create the polygon.

  • Press 'I' to increase the buffer and 'U' to decrease the buffer around the object.
  • Press 'K' to increase the number of vertices and 'J' to decrease the number of vertices.



If you are satisfied with the cleanup, hit the SAVE button. 

Please note that the Magic Polygon tool only works on datasets processed after October 3, 2023.

Editing your polygon

You can move each vertice (node) by clicking and dragging it to the desired location to refine the polygon. Add additional vertices by clicking on the smaller nodes as shown below. 

Alternatively, you can input a specific Northing and Easting for each point.

To delete a point, select it and then click DELETE THIS POINT in the left-hand menu.


To shift the entire polygon to a different location without altering its shape, hover over it and click the crosshair icon to drag it.  

Did you make a mistake and want to start over? Hit the RESET button to return the polygon to its original location. Or press DELETE to undo the last action. 


Need to disable, find, edit, rename, or delete a terrain cleanup? Click the three dots next to the name of the terrain cleanup and choose an option from the menu.


All your terrain cleanups are organized into an All Cleanups folder, making them easy to view and manage.


Once you’ve added the terrain cleanup, you’ll see that it's been removed from the terrain model but is still visible from the orthophoto. This will allow you to make a surface-to-surface or surface-to-design measurement of the area without the volume of the stockpile interfering with the calculation.


Using the Cross Section measurement tool over the stockpile shows that the area is flattened according to the vertices you added around the stockpile.

I still can't do it!

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