New: Automated analysis of haul route speeds

DirtMate's automated Haul Route Speed Analysis helps sites maximize the efficiency of haul routes, increase productivity and utilization, and keep costs down by reducing wasted fuel burn and maintenance.

Easily assess a haul route to see where machines are slowing down or stopping to quickly identify potential pinch points or poor road conditions that negatively impact utilization and load counts. 

Using the new Haul Route Speed Analysis, you can: 

  • Analyze the haul route of any machine 
  • Color-coded machine trails give you an instant look at where machines are moving too slowly 
  • Monitor the average, minimum, and maximum speeds reached to ensure your fleet is operating as efficiently as possible. 

Rather than putting more machines on the job, DirtMate now makes it easier to maximize the productivity of your current fleet or maintain your target productivity with fewer machines running.

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