How Much Data Can Be Stored On a DirtMate?

A DirtMate has onboard storage for 34 hours of data. It will automatically send its location data when connected to the Propeller DirtMate network, a propeller/propeller network, or a custom network set up by the user. The onboard storage is used when a DirtMate cannot connect to one of the above networks.

DirtMates send one data point each second. At this rate, each DirtMate can store 34 hours of data. Propeller personnel will work with you to set up sleep and wake times for the DirtMates as part of site installation. This is generally used for sites that do not work at night. A DirtMate will not collect data while sleeping, increasing the number of “work days” saved. For example, if a site has DirtMates logging data for 12 hours and sleeping for 12 hours the DirtMate will store just under three days of data.

Once a DirtMate has reconnected to an allowed network, it will upload all saved data to the server. The amount of time it takes to upload the saved data depends on the connection strength. An average connection will allow the DirtMate to send 12 hours of saved data in about 30 minutes.

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