How to Install Cloud Compare

Cloud Compare is a free, open-source application that handles 3D point cloud and meshing on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This article will take you through its installation process.


  • Admin rights on your computer.
  • Save and close everything—the installer will restart your computer.


 1. Go to, click download, and select the appropriate version.

For most people, this will be the latest stable release for Windows (64 bit).

2. Once downloaded, run the installer (this should be in your Downloads folder) and follow the prompts through any security popups.

On Windows 10, this means clicking “More info” then “Run anyway.”

3. Click Next until you get to the final form, then click Install.

4. Wait for the installation to run—this can take some time.

Note: Installation can freeze on the last step (seen below), but it will eventually finish. So don’t worry if it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything for a while.

5. Once it’s finished click Finish and allow your computer to restart.

6. You should now be able to launch Cloud Compare from your start menu.

I still can't do it!

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