How Can I Find the Time Stamp of a Survey Image?

If you need to know when a specific image in your dataset was taken, follow these steps. 
1. Navigate to the image’s corresponding dataset in your user portal. 

2. Click on the Photo viewer tab at the bottom of the map.

3. Find the image you need the timestamp information for, either by finding it in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen or by double-clicking on the area in the 3D model. 

Photo Viewer Ribbon.png

4. Select the Photo Options button in the menu in the top-right corner. 

5. Click Download to save the image to your computer. 

Photo Viewer Photo Options Download.png

6. The image will automatically download to your computer. 

How to find the photo properties on a PC

7. Right-click on the file and select Properties

PC Photo Properties.png

8. The time-stamp is the Date taken under Origin in the Details tab. 

PC Photo Properties Info.png

How to find the photo properties on a Mac

7. Double click the photo to open it in Preview, then click Tools > Show Inspector (or press command+I).

Mac Photo Properties Show Inspector.png

8. The Date Time Original field can be found underneath More Info > Exif.

Mac Photo Properties Exif.png

I still can't do it!

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