What Are the Levels of User Permissions for the Propeller Platform?

Several different permission levels can be granted to users invited to your portal, making it easy to share projects and surveys securely with internal and external parties.

What are the different levels of user access?

View Only

There is no need to check a specific box for view-only access. Any user invited to the Platform is granted view-only access by default unless you turn on another permission level. If none of the boxes are checked, the user has view-only privileges. This permission level is the most restricted access level a user can have. It grants the user access to only view the map they are invited to. They will not be able to see designs, measurements, or reports.


With Inspect access, users can view measurements, designs, survey files, terrain cleanups, and photos added to a site. They cannot create, edit, or export any measurements or data from the site with this permission level alone.  

If a user also needs to export designs and measurements and export data, then grant them both Inspect and Export permissions.


Export allows users to export any data on a site they can access, including the survey data for that site. Pairing Inspect and Export permissions together allows a user to also view and export designs and measurements. They can also generate reports, export measurements, and have access to Crew links.


The Measure permission option allows users to create, delete, and change measurements in the Platform.


Edit allows users to edit designs, upload files to the platform, and change settings for a site. Those settings include the project name, coordinate reference system, and units of measurement.

Edit Media

Users can upload, edit, and comment on media included with the site.


Process permissions allow users to upload survey data for processing. Users can also edit any terrain on the site.

Manage Access

Manage Access allows adding users to a project and deleting or editing their permissions level.  


Administrator access gives users full access to the portal and all the sites within it. When inviting users for the first time, you can grant Administrator privileges by switching the toggle switch to the on position.

To revoke Administrator privileges, go to the People & teams tab in the left panel. Click the three dots next to the user you want to demote, and click Demote Admin

Previous permissions for each site will remain the same even if a user is demoted from Administrator credentials. However, you can re-assign their credentials in the User Settings. Click on the three dots next to their name and choose Settings.

Then choose the permissions you want to assign from the dropdown menu. 

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