How To Share and Manage Access To a Site

Data from within your portal is shareable for each site or project. Sharing your site can improve collaboration, transparency, conflict resolution, and site management.

When you invite a new user, they are granted view-only permissions by default. This grants the user access to only view the map for your site. They cannot create, edit, or export data and reports. Review our guidelines to familiarize yourself with the permission levels available.

Access to your AeroPoints dashboard is managed separately from access to your portal. Please refer to How to Manage Users in the AeroPoints Dashboard for more information.

You can share sites or projects in a few ways—by clicking the SHARE button in the site toolbar, through the Sites & access tab or the People & teams tab under Site Settings, or from within the site options on the homepage thumbnail.

Share button

Click the SHARE button on the top toolbar from within a site in your portal.

A pop-up box will appear with several sharing options.

Copy and share with an invite link

When you click the SHARE button, a link is automatically generated for you to share with anyone who wants access to your site.

Assign the level of permissions from the dropdown menu, and click COPY LINK. Send it to anyone you want to access your site via email. 

Enabling any permissions will grant anyone who clicks the link those permissions on the site. Changing the permissions after the link is sent will not change the link’s URL. To change the permissions, click the DELETE AND RESET button to disable the current link and generate a new link with the new permissions level.

Invite by people & teams

You can also invite new users by sending an email. Add their email address, and choose the permissions level you want them to have. When you are ready to send it, click INVITE.

New users are granted view-only permissions by default. This allows users to only view the map for your site. They cannot create, edit, or export data and reports.

Sharing access from the homepage

To quickly invite a user to a site, click on the three dots in the site thumbnail on the homepage, and choose Share access from the menu.


From here, follow the instructions above to share your site with someone by sending a link or an email invite.

Inviting users through Sites & access

Go to Profile Settings by clicking on the name in the top toolbar and select Sites & access.

Go to Settings by clicking on the name in the top toolbar and select Sites & access.

Select the site or project you would like to share.

Type their email address into the Invite people or teams bar. Notice View Map Only is granted by default. If you only want to grant view-only permissions, ensure all the other options are unchecked. To change their access, click on the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate option. 


You can always change permission levels if you want to restrict or increase the level of access a user already has. Click the dropdown menu next to the user’s name and change the options by checking or unchecking the boxes.  

Inviting a new user as view only through People & teams

Go to Settings by clicking on the name in the top toolbar and select People & teams.


Enter their email address and click ADD PEOPLE.

To set access levels to every site in your portal, click the dropdown menu at the top of the site list and choose the appropriate options.

You can also set different permissions for each site individually. Click on the dropdown menu next to the site and choose the appropriate level of access.

When finished, click INVITE

Managing Access to Your Sites

If you have the Manage Access permission on one or more sites, there are several ways to access the interface to manage the permissions that other users have on those sites.

To change existing users and teams' permissions on your site, find them in the list and select the relevant permissions from the dropdown in their row.

You can also resend the activation email to users who have not yet logged in with the Resend Invitation button and remove users and teams from the site with the x button.

Managing Access Requests

If a user has requested access to your sites, you can manage these requests by navigating to Settings > Sites & Access and clicking the Requests tab. This tab will have a red marker if you have any pending approvals.

The page displayed will show all requests for your sites and allows you to approve or reject them.

By default, all approvals will result in the user only having View permission on the requested site. However, you can change this per request by clicking the Permissions dropdown.

Once ready, you can approve the requests by pressing the Approve All button or the tick icon. Alternatively, you can reject requests using the cross icon.

Delete or remove users

You can delete users individually or in bulk.

Individually remove users

From the People & teams tab, click on the 3 dots next to the individual you want to delete. Click Remove.


Bulk remove users

To remove more than one user, click the box at the top left to select all users. An option for BULK REMOVE will then become available. You can also de-select checkmarks next to a user's name if you want them to continue to have access to your site.


You'll have the chance to confirm deletion. 


You can also use the tools to sort, filter, hide, and manage columns to manage sites with several users.

Hover over the column and click on the 3 dots menu. 



Tip: use the name filter to find users awaiting activation.



Which users have the option to delete users?

The option to remove user is available to anyone with manage access only (includes owners and admins).

Where can I see the total number of users in the portal?

The People & teams tab will show all users with access to data within your portal— whether they have been given access directly to a site, are part of a team, or are portal administrators.

Only users with Manage access (including owners and admins) can view users in the People tab.

When a user is deleted what happens?

When you remove a user, they will lose all access to your portal, its teams, and the sites within. Note that any measurement and design files that have been generated by this user are not deleted.

I still can't do it!

We wrote these articles to equip you with everything you need to get the job done on your own, but we understand that sometimes this isn't sufficient.

If you're stuck, you can connect with our support team by clicking the support button on the top right corner of your user portal.

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