Quick Start Guide: Basic Platform Navigation

This is an introduction to the basic functionality of the Platform. It is intended to be a quick reference, not a comprehensive guide. Uploading drone surveys or AeroPoint data is not covered in this document.

In-depth help articles on individual features can be found on the Propeller Help Center.



Platform Navigation - Home Screen

 Top Navigation Bar

The name of the company’s portal.

If you can access multiple portals, switch between them using the dropdown.


The HOME tab returns to this screen from anywhere in the platform.


The AEROPOINTS tab opens the AeroPoints Dashboard with access to AeroPoint flights and information.


DIRTMATE is an add-on to the Platform that provides accurate worksite data and production efficiency insights that are simple to view, understand, share, and use.


DATA PROCESSING is where users can upload new datasets and check the status of any datasets currently processing. 


The Support tab provides access to our 24/7 chat support, the Propeller Knowledge Base, Training Videos, and Release Notes.


My Profile is where users can update and edit information related to their account.

My Profile lets users update and edit information related to their account.

Portal Settings updates the portal name, information, and branding. At the bottom of this menu is an option to remove demo sites from the portal, reducing clutter on portals with numerous sites.

People & Teams adds new users and edits existing users and groups permissions.

Sites & Access is where users edit permissions to specific sites in the platform by user or group.

Notifications are where users can update preferences for email notifications

Labs give access to options like duplicate GCP detection, merging models, and drag-and-drop functionality for Topcon GC3 calibration files.

Licenses & Usage provides information on the active license, sales representative, customer success engineer, drone registration, and the number of credits used.

Plans will redirect the user to the Propeller website, where you can request more information about purchasing different licenses or add-ons from our Sales Team.

Buy accessories from the Propeller Store. If you are a partner dealer, buy accessories from our Partner store.


CREATE A NEW SITE allows users to add new sites and upload data.

These are organized alphabetically by default but can be organized based on the creation date or date last updated.

SITE: opens a dropdown for switching back and forth between sites without having to return to the Home screen.

SURVEY: The current dataset opens a dropdown that navigates between different datasets, organized by creation date.

Platform Tools: Measure

The MEASURE tab includes point, line, and polygon measurements, comparisons against historical data, and uploaded design files.


Platform Tools: Survey

The SURVEY tab includes different tools and layers in the survey, like the point cloud or elevation map, Terrain Cleanups for smoothing survey areas, camera positions, and SURVEY LAYERS.


Platform Tools: Designs

The DESIGNS tab lets users upload and manage design files like surfaces and linework to compare their flight data to.


Platform Tools: Outputs

OUTPUTS is a collection of downloadable reports, maps, videos, and survey files including:


Platform Tools: Crew

The CREW tab gives access to Crew. This tool allows users to generate a customized mobile map of the site and send links to contractors, foremen, superintendents, and relevant field personnel.


I still can't do it!

We wrote these articles to equip you with everything you need to get the job done on your own, but we understand that sometimes this isn't sufficient. If you're stuck, you can connect with our support team by clicking the support button on the top right corner of your user portal.