Flying Your Phantom 4 RTK Drone In An Area with No Cell Service? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Many DJI Phantom RTK controller functions require WiFi, such as loading base maps and signing in to the controller. 


Follow the steps below while you have internet access to make sure you’re set up for success before arriving on a site with poor or no cell service.


1. Log out of your DJI account on your controller and log back in.


2. Complete any necessary zone unlocks or custom unlocks and sync them to the controller before heading to the field. 


Obtaining the unlocks from DJI and syncing those unlocks to the controller require internet access. Pushing the unlock to the drone, however, can be done offline.


3. Plan your flight ahead of time. None of the base maps will load on the controller without internet access, making setting your flight boundary difficult. Plan your flight (boundary, flight path, camera setting, etc.) while you have internet access. If planning the mission before arriving at the site is challenging, another option is to load Google Earth with internet access and scroll to the site. Google Earth caches what was last viewed, so you’ll have some visuals on your computer when you arrive onsite. From here, you can still create kml files to designate your flight boundary and load them onto the controller.

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