Using Propeller PPK with Autel EVO II

If you fly an Autel Evo II Pro RTK (V1/V2) drone with the XT705 Camera, you can use the Propeller PPK workflow to process your images with high accuracy. The Autel Evo II Pro RTK is a drone solution that may be used on job sites that require American-made drones. The Autel Evo II RTK is not Blue UAS certified.

Data Capture

When using an Autel Evo II Pro RTK, review these considerations in order to produce the most accurate model possible. 

Ground Control

AeroPoint 2s are required for all situations when processing Autel Evo II Pro RTK data with Propeller PPK. 

AeroPoint 1s are not compatible with the Autel Evo II Pro RTK + Propeller PPK workflow.

Camera and Mission Settings

For any questions on troubleshooting, drone setup, using Autel Explorer, etc., please refer to the Autel Knowledge Base. Please review our Autel Support Article for support responsibilities. Autel can also be reached for support by email at

Propeller recommends the following mission settings:

Data Upload 

After creating a site, you can then begin the upload process. 

Upon the drone’s first upload, you will be prompted to register the drone in Propeller.

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