How Do I Troubleshoot Powering My DirtMates?

DirtMates have large enough batteries and solar cells to remain powered on indefinitely in most environments. Additionally, DirtMates have several power-saving features and can:

  • Turn themselves on and off at scheduled times

  • Go into a low-power sleep state overnight

With Solar Panels

If the DirtMates or Network Gateway setups are being powered using solar energy, the solar panels must receive regular maintenance—they must be kept clean and inspected for damage. 

Reminder: A shadow over a portion of the solar panel can greatly reduce the charging capacity of the unit.

Non-Solar Panel Options

If you are located in a region that receives minimal sunlight or in high-latitude environments where solar power can be limited during certain times of the year, an external power supply should be used to keep the DirtMates charged. Consider plugging all roving DirtMates into a power source. Machine mounted DirtMates should be wired directly to the cabin or main power of the vehicle. Stationary DirtMates (such as the Base) can be plugged directly into a remote power enclosure or another fixed power source (generator, site power, etc).

Please contact the Site Support or the Hardware Support teams for assistance troubleshooting power concerns.

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