How Does the DirtMate System Work?

DirtMates work in tandem with baseline survey data to track machine & volumetric progress on your site. Since these sites already exist in Propeller, we typically use drone surveys as a base and build DirtMate data onto this data as a composite layer.

DirtMates installed on machines record their position and utilization of the working machines once every second (one Hertz). The track or wheel width under the DirtMate is recorded as a continuous track with position updates interpolated between each red line in the illustration below.

When in range, the DirtMates connect to a Propeller Network Gateway and send the data back to Propeller.

Propeller processes the machine-mounted DirtMate data in the cloud, correcting against GPS data from the base DirtMate. Once processed, the machine positions are used to produce a new DirtMate layer. Updates to the DirtMate layer are pushed to the Home View and DirtMate Dashboard every 30 minutes. Machine utilization information does not require processing and can therefore be viewed almost immediately when DirtMates are connected to a network. 

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