How to Visualize Surface Runoff Across Your Site

The SURFACE RUNOFF tool can help you visualize how water may flow on your site from a flooding event or spill. 

This tool uses the site’s terrain or topography to determine directional flow and does not consider other variables and attributes of liquids. Please consider this while making decisions about your site.

To view surface runoff, choose from two options under the SURFACE RUNOFF section in the SURVEY tab.

1. Preferential Flow Path

The Preferential Flow Path option shows the downward direction of flow. Turn on this option by checking the checkbox to show where water may flow or collect across your site. This can be helpful for identifying areas of heavy flow or areas where standing water may occur.

2. Liquid Drop Analysis

The Liquid Drop Analysis option focuses on a specific area of the site. It will generate a visual of where liquid may flow and collect in the event of a spill.

Turn on this option by checking the checkbox and setting the radius (in meters) of the area you want to see. 

Click on the spill location on the map to see the simulation.

If you want to create a measurement after viewing the Liquid Drop Analysis feature, make sure to uncheck the box to deactivate it. 

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