What Geoids Are Supported?

Geoids currently supported in the Propeller Platform

  • AUSGeoid01 (Australia) 
  • AUSGeoid09 (Australia)
  • GDA2020 (Australia)
  • GEOID03 (CONUS) 
  • GEOID09 (CONUS) 
  • GEOID03 (Hawaii) 
  • GEOID09 (Hawaii) 
  • GEOID12A (Hawaii) 
  • GEOID12B (Hawaii) 
  • GEOID12A (Alaska)
  • GEOID12B (Alaska)  
  • New Zealand Geoid 2016   
  • FIN2005N00 
  • FIN2000  
  • Canada CGG2013 (NAD83) 
  • Canada Geoid Model HT2_0  
  • Canada HTGVRDBC00
  • Swiss Geoid 2004   
  • SW172000 (Sweden)  
  • SW082000 (Sweden)  
  • DVR90 (Denmark)  
  • NN2000 (Norway18B)
  • NN2000 (Norway16B) 
  • CR2005 (Czech Republic)
  • ITALGEO90 (Italy)
  • KNGeoid14 (South Korea)
  • GSIGEO11 (Japan)


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