Measuring Stockpiles: Uneven Bases, Overlapping Material, and Base Designs


Loading and measuring against a base design    

If the area where your stockpile sits has a design representing its base, you can measure the volume based on the design surface.

How to measure a stockpile using a base design:

  1. Upload your design surface.

  2. From the MEASURE tab, select CREATE A MEASUREMENT.

  3. Select the Stockpile option from the available templates in the Calculate Volume section.

Measure tab - Create a Measurement.png

Measurement Template Calculate Volume Stockpile.png

Customizing the stockpile base 

Measuring material on uneven or stepped ground, stored in bins, stacked against benches, or in overlapping piles can require more customization than the interpolated base used by the Smart Volume

The Custom Base Volume type allows for precise adjustment of the individual vertex points, making up the outline of a volume measurement. Adjusting the position and elevation of the vertices allows the measurement base to accurately reflect the material in the stockpile.

How to customize the base of a stockpile measurement:

1. After selecting the Stockpile template, draw the outline of your stockpile. Alternatively, you can use the Magic Polygon tool and edit the shape if needed.

2. Change the From surface comparison dropdown to Custom surface.

3. To begin editing the base, right-click the measurement on the map and click Edit Shape or click on a vertex point.

4. Adjust the points to reflect the shape of the material.

You can also edit the point by adding the Northing and Easting.

Surface Comparison Edit Point Location.png

5. Click SAVE to recalculate the volume.

Change measurement units

If you want to change the measurement units, select the most appropriate one from the dropdown menu. This makes it easy to switch between imperial and metric units as needed and create reports in your preferred units. Make sure to hit the APPLY button to recalculate the units.

Change Measurement Units Polygon.png

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