Importing and Exporting Missions with DJI Pilot 2

It is possible to transfer saved planned missions between controllers and back them up onto a computer. This could be helpful if you purchase a new drone and want to transfer the old missions to your new controller. The process involves copying the KMZ or KML files, which contain details about the mission boundary and flight parameters, and importing your missions using a microSD card. Additionally, you can create a KML on Google Earth and import the mission boundary.


To copy KMZ mission files from your controller:

1. Insert an SD card into the controller.

2. Open your saved flight routes.

3. Tap Select, and select the mission(s) you want to copy.

4. Tap the Export icon (square with a diagonal arrow).

5. Choose external SD Card and save it to your selected destination. If prompted if you want to allow access to your SD card, tap Allow.

6. Tap Export at the bottom.


Now the mission exists on the SD card as a KMZ/KML file. 

You can connect the SD card to a computer to back up the KMZ/KML file(s), or you can copy them back onto another controller.


To copy KMZ/KML mission files onto your controller:

1. Insert the SD card into the controller.

2. Tap Flight Route.

3. Tap Import Route (KMZ/KML).

4. Use the file navigator to select your KML file from your storage device.

5. If prompted, choose your mission type.

6. The KML file will now be added to your mission library. Tap the route card to finish planning the mission.

7. DJI Pilot will generate a flight path to cover the area of your KML file boundary. You may have to edit the rest of the mission settings as necessary for your flight. For mission setting recommendations, visit our article on how to edit a mission on DJI Pilot 2.


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