Using Folders for Measurements

Using folders is a quick and easy way to organize your measurements to reflect the way you structure your worksite, making navigation and collaboration easier than ever before.
  • Create and name new folders for your measurements. 
  • Group different measurements by type (e.g., cut/fill and cross-section comparisons) or points of interest within the same folder.
  • Organize existing measurements into folders via drag-and-drop.

How to create a new measurement folder

To get started, click the MEASURE tab and click the folder icon at the top right of the Measurements panel. 

A pop-up will appear asking you to name your folder. Check the box to make it accessible across all datasets.

Add Folder Pop up Confirmation.png

Once you name and add a folder, it will appear in the list. 

How to move existing measurements into folders 

Click and hold the measurement to drag it into the designated folder. You can also select and move multiple measurements by holding down the Ctrl button while clicking on each file on a PC or holding the Command key while clicking on each file on a Mac before dragging and dropping all the selected measurements.  

You can also move a measurement out of a folder by dragging and dropping it in the correct location.

You'll notice yellow highlighting to help you determine the location to drop your measurement.

Move Between Folders.gif

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