Phantom 4 RTK Shooting Angle: Course Aligned

As your drone moves along an automated flight path, its camera may be oriented in a range of directions. Common orientations are: parallel to main path, perpendicular to main path, and course aligned. 


Better survey results can be achieved when the camera faces the same direction relative to the flight path, commonly called "course aligned." When using GS RTK, the Phantom 4 RTK will automatically be set to course aligned, provided the camera faces straight down, which is a gimbal angle of -90 degrees, per Propeller's recommendations
If you receive an error in the uploader that your images are not course aligned, verify that the gimbal angle is set to -90 in the mission settings.If your gimbal angle was not set to -90 please contact your CSE to discuss if you can still upload this data, or if you need to re-fly your survey.

GS Pro

Below is a list of common course aligned errors if you use GS Pro to plan your Phantom 4 Pro mission.

  • Older versions of GS Pro do not support Course Aligned mode.
  • Accidentally selecting Photo Map instead of 3D Map Area will prevent the use of Course Aligned mode.
  • Some missions with long flight paths will falsely be flagged in the upload procedure.
  • Some RPAS systems don't support Course Aligned. If you can't change the setting, don't stress; this recommendation is for some of the most common systems we see.

Please see the example below for DJI drones using GS Pro.


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