Phantom 4 RTK—Should I Use Distortion Correction?

Each Phantom 4 RTK camera goes through a calibration process that measures the distortion of the lens and records the corresponding distortion parameters in the image metadata. 

When the distortion correction is turned OFF, the original image with distortion will be generated. When distortion correction is turned ON, the camera will perform its own correction of the images. This reduces the precision of the correction compared to correcting the distortion in post-processing —DJI FAQ.

If distortion correction is enabled, the resulting images will be less precise. Therefore, do not turn on distortion correction when uploading survey images to Propeller. 

Disabling Distortion Correction

1. Turn on the controller and the drone.  

2. Tap on Plan.

3. Select your mission type. 

4. Enter the Camera Settings in the mission settings menu. 

5. Disable the distortion correction with the toggle, if it is not already turned off. 

6. Set your other missions settings, tap Save, and name the task.

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