How to Process and Download a .csv File From An AeroPoint Survey To Use As Ground Control or Check Points for Lidar Uploads

The following instructions will cover the steps required to use an AeroPoint survey as ground control or check points when uploading a lidar dataset.

Before AeroPoints can be used as ground control or check points during processing, the AeroPoints must be processed by themselves first. Please select and process the AeroPoint survey with the correct method before moving forward.

1. Once the survey has been processed, set its OUTPUT COORDINATE SYSTEM and VERTICAL DATUM to the same CRS information as the site to which the lidar data will be uploaded.

2. DOWNLOAD the CSV (Simple) file from the AeroPoints tab.


3. Add a column to the downloaded CSV(Simple) file. This column must be completely populated and indicate whether each point should be used as a Ground Control Point or a Check Point. We’ll label the point as Ground Control by default if nothing is filled out.

After the .csv file has been updated with the additional column and ground control or check point has been assigned, it can be used to upload with your lidar dataset. 

4. Navigate to the Knowledge Base and follow the instructions for Uploading Lidar Data and Using AeroPoints as Ground Control

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