How to Use Private Workspaces

Using Workspaces in the Propeller platform helps organize data on complex sites. If you need more control over who has visibility to all the data in a workspace, you can create a private workspace and manage the user permissions in the portal settings.

Private workspaces is a paid-premium feature. If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Account Executive.

Create a new private workspace

From the MEASURE or DESIGNStab, click on the +icon to add a new workspace.

Workspaces Select DESIGNS or MEASURE tab.png

Select Private workspace from the menu.

Workspaces Choose Type.png

Enter the Workspace name and click ADD.

Workspace Name.png

Invite a user to a private workspace

Once the workspace is created, you can invite a user.

Click the three dots next to the workspace and select Sharing settings.

Workspaces Sharing Settings.png

Users must already have access to your site to be invited to a private workspace. You can review who has access from the portal settings.

Search for the user you want to invite and select what level of access you want them to have from the dropdown menu.

Workspaces Invite User.png

Click COPY LINK TO WORKSPACE to generate a link to share with invited users.

Create a private workspace from an existing workspace

You can change the access level on a workspace at any time by clicking on the three dots menu next to the workspace and opening the Workspace sharing settings.

From the dropdown, and change to the desired setting.

Workspaces change setting.png

Use the Private workspaces as you would Public workspaces. You can:

Add information to your workspace,

Link from another workspace,

Remove files and folders from a workspace, and

Delete workspaces.


How can I tell if a workspace is private or public?

You can see the workspace setting in the left-hand panel. 

Workspaces Settings Icons.png

You can also see this information from the Workspace sharing settings information under Privacy.

Workspaces Invite User.png

Which users can create workspaces?

Only users who have the Create workspace permission can create workspaces. Portal owners can control who can create workspaces by giving them the Create workspace permission.

Create Workspace Permissions.png

Who can view and access Private workspaces?

Private workspaces are only accessible by users invited by another user with Manage Access permission. Only users invited to a private workspace will be able to see that workspace in the list, and view the contents of that workspace. Only users who are admins of that workspace, or those who have Manage Access site permission can invite others to private workspaces.

What types of data or files can be organized into private workspaces?

Workspaces include only your measurements & design data.

Who can delete a Workspace?

Any workspace admin or users with the manage access permission can delete a workspace.

Who can rename a Workspace?

Any workspace admin or users with the manage access permission can change the workspace name.

What are links? 

Links are like shortcuts to design files between workspaces. You can deliberately link a design file into other workspaces so that it can also be used there. This removes the need to copy or re-upload a file. You can also create links for entire design folders if you want the whole folder of designs to appear in other workspaces.

Can links be created automatically?

Yes. Links can also be created automatically under certain circumstances.

  • When you move a design to another workspace, you will be given the option to either move the design completely, create links to the design so that any measurements that depend on that design will continue to work. 
  • When you move a measurement to a new workspace, a link to any design files that measurement depends on will be created in the new workspace.

If I have a folder linked to other workspaces and then make changes to that folder (for example, rename it, add/remove items), will those changes also occur to the other workspaces?

Yes. This gives you control over the designs other people have access to. For example, you can create a folder of “master” designs and link it to all relevant workspaces. As long as you keep that folder up to date with the most recent designs, you can be sure that anyone using designs from that folder will be up to date. If a file in that folder is deprecated, you can delete the file, and it will be deleted everywhere, ensuring no one is working with outdated information.

How do I know what workspaces a design or folder is already linked to?

If you click the link option in the three-dot menu, you will see the linking dialogue window. This window will show you which workspaces the design or folder is already linked to.

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