Where is the Height Measured From on AeroPoints?


AeroPoint height (measured from)

The Z values we report are measured from the top of the AeroPoints. When used as ground control points and when manual processing is required, we align images using pixels corresponding to the top of the AeroPoint. 

We recommend using this data as it accurately reads the surface level of that point in the corresponding images. 

AeroPoint 1s

AeroPoint 2s

32mm 26mm

Calculate the ground height under the AeroPoint

Suppose you need to know the height of the ground underneath the AeroPoint. In that case, you can subtract the thickness of the AeroPoint from the survey report's height data.

Download the survey report in CSV or excel format. Reduce the "NAD83 (2011) Height (m)" (usually column G) and "NAVD88 Height (m)" (usually column J) values for each AeroPoint. 

  • AeroPoint 1s should be reduced by 0.032.
  • AeroPoint 2s should be reduced by 0.026.

How can I view what measurement was used?

This information can be found in the AeroPoints dashboard.

User supplied Known Point Measured from.png

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