How to Import LandXML Files

The ability to import .xml data directly into Propeller is an easier and quicker way to work with survey/civil data created in programs such as Carlson Software, Land Desktop, Civil 3D, and more. 

Once imported, LandXML designs work with all of Propeller’s existing suite of visualization and measurement tools. Surfaces can be used for creating comparison volume measurements. This allows construction teams to communicate, measure and report on progress with confidence without the need for specialist CAD tools and expertise.

Importing LandXML Files

Open the site you want to import LandXML files to.

Select a Site and Survey.png

Click on the DESIGNS tab and click IMPORT A DESIGN.



Drag and drop or click the UPLOAD FILES button to navigate to the LandXML file you want to import.

Currently, the maximum files size is restricted to 500MB. 3DFACE or MESH surface layers containing more than 1,000,000 faces.

A message box will show you that your file is being processed.




After processing is complete, all layers for each geometric element will be organized in a new folder in the DESIGNS tab.

Parcels, Alignments, Corridors, and Pipe Networks are currently not supported, and a warning box will be displayed next to any layer that is not supported.


Once in the platform, LandXML files act like all other design layers.  They can be renamed, moved, deleted, clamped to the ground, offset, and converted to a measurement.

We are only supporting LandXML imports at this time. You will be unable to export LandXML files at this time. 

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