How to Upload and View Images In the Platform

With the Propeller mobile app, you can capture and pin images of your site in the field with your mobile device to view on the map in the platform. You can also upload images to the platform from a desktop computer to share with crews on site, creating a centralized repository of media that can be filtered by location, author, date, and category.

Adding images to the map on a desktop 

From within the site and survey you want to add images to, click on the MEDIA tab and select UPLOAD.

Upload a single image

Browse for the image on your computer. If you select a single image, you will be given the option to +ADD MORE images.

You can upload .jpg and .png, including 360 images.

If the image does not have associated location data, you can manually pin it to the correct location. Click NEXT.


Add a title or descriptor and click NEXT.


Using the location point and crosshairs, zoom in/out and pan to select the location of the image on your site. Once you are satisfied, click UPLOAD TO SITE.

Upload images in bulk

Browse for the images on your computer. To upload them in bulk, hold down the fn+shift button on a Mac or the Ctrol button on a PC and select the images.

You can pin them to the same or multiple locations. 

Pin to one location

If you group all the images together, choose PIN TO ONE LOCATION


Add a title to the photo collection and click NEXT.

If at least one image does not contain location data, you must set it manually.

Pin to multiple locations

Like the process described above, follow the same steps to pin images to multiple locations, except choose YES when given the option to pin images. 


If you see an image chosen in error, you can click the X to remove the image from your collection.

Using the location point and crosshairs, zoom in/out and pan to choose the location of the image on your site. Once satisfied, click SET LOCATION. Continue setting the locations of the images using the same technique. When the final image is set, click UPLOAD TO SITE.

Viewing, sharing, editing, and downloading images

Select the MEDIA tab to see a list of images on your site. Click on the three dots menu next to the image to Fly to photo, Share photo, Edit, Download, or Delete an image.

Click on an image to see detailed information, including any relevant comments. 

Media is also available on the Propeller mobile app.

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