Why Can't I Access and View a Dataset?

Propeller works best when you collaborate with your contractors and other invested parties. Here are three common reasons you cannot access and view a particular dataset.

The dataset has not finished processing yet

You can check if the dataset is still processing by clicking on Data Processing in the top menu bar of your portal. 


You don’t have the right permissions

If the dataset is not showing up on your end, chances are you were not granted access to it

The good news is that the portal owner or administrator can change permissions and grant you access. 

You can find the portal owner and administrators in the People & Teams section of the Site Settings

Your browser is not loading the site

Propeller works best on an up-to-date version of Google Chrome. Use these tips and tricks if you are experiencing issues while using Google Chrome.

Trying these fixes should allow you to continue using Propeller to manage your worksite and share your data with your team.  

I still can't do it! 

We wrote these articles to equip you with everything you need to get the job done on your own, but we understand that sometimes this isn't sufficient.

If you're stuck, the Propeller data success team may be able to help. You can contact our support team by clicking the support tab on the top-right pane of your user portal.