Set Up a Local Site Calibration from a Trimble JXL File

If you are using Trimble surveying equipment at your site and are working on a local grid system, you can generate a Trimble JobXML (.JXL) file from your rover or Trimble business center.

Your JXL must contain these parameters: 

  • Projection of the project, and 

  • The horizontal/vertical adjustments 

If you only have one .DC or .CAL file, Trimble Business Center can convert it to a JXL file

The local site calibration setup must be completed before data or AeroPoints are submitted for processing. Adding a .jxl file is built into the flow for creating new sites. 

Creating a new site 

To start, create a new site in your portal to upload your .gc3 file. From the Welcome Page, click on the +NEW SITE button.

Alternatively, you can create a new site within the DATA PROCESSING tab in the top toolbar and choose CREATE A NEW DATASET.

From the dropdown menu, select CREATE A NEW SITE.

Proceed through the Site setup wizard for creating a new site to the Coordinate System setup step.

Choose Local grid system.

Drag and drop or navigate to the location of the .jxl file on your computer.

Your file will be processed, and the required parameters will be extracted from the file. Review the calibration details and click NEXT.

If you get an error here, it could be because your file does not contain the correct information or the required geoid is not currently supported

Once your file has been processed successfully, you will receive confirmation that the site has been created. You have several options to complete setting up your site: 

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