Installing DirtMate on a New Machine Using the DirtMate App

DirtMates are easy to move between machines onsite. This article will walk you through how to create a new machine in your fleet and install a DirtMate on that machine.

Creating a new machine

Machines for DirtMate comprise a name, type, and model. The machine name is typically the company asset ID or equipment rental ID. You can choose from a fixed list of machine types and models. If the machine you want to install is not available in the list, please contact Propeller Hardware Support at, and they will assist you in adding your model. 

1. Go to the Fleet tab and tap ADD MACHINES.


2. Enter the machine name and select the machine type and model from the lists.


3. Tap ADD MACHINE at the bottom of the screen.


4. A confirmation message appears When the machine has been added to your fleet. 


Depending on the machine type, the DirtMate must be placed in a specific location. 

DirtMates are directional with the antenna and power button on the back. Install DirtMate on the machine so it matches the image below.


Follow  these requirements when installing DirtMate on specific machines: 

1. DirtMates must be mounted level with a clear view of the sky. 

  • Avoid mounting it to a surface angled more than a few degrees.
  • The most common mounting location for DirtMate is on the roof of the operator's cab.

2. Do not place the DirtMate where it is subjected to extreme heat, for example, on top of the engine compartment or next to the exhaust system.

3. Do not install the DirtMate near other devices that transmit radio signals. 

4. Be sure that the Dirtmate is mounted away from bucket/blade debris.

5. Mount DirtMate in a location that can be easily and safely accessed for servicing or replacement.

6. The unit should be placed behind the cutting surface, if possible. 

If the DirtMate is placed in front of the cutting surface, the machine may not record some data from that pass. 

Using the DirtMate App to Install DirtMate on a Machine

The DirtMate mobile app will provide you with basic instructions on how to mount DirtMate on a machine. 

1. Select the machine you want to install a DirtMate on, and tap INSTALL next to the machine's name.


2. Select the DirtMate in your fleet by the serial number that is being installed on that machine. You will be asked to confirm the site where the machine is working as part of this step.


3. Install the DirtMate on your machine per the image below.


4. The DirtMate App then asks you for a picture of the installation: 


5. Finally, the DirtMate App asks for the machine width, height to DirtMate, and distance from the left side of the machine to the center of the DirtMate. These dimensions allow the system to accurately project the machine's location to the surface.


I still can't do it!

We wrote these articles to equip you with everything you need to get the job done on your own, but we understand that sometimes this isn't sufficient.

If you're stuck, the Propeller hardware support team may be able to help. You can contact them by emailing


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