Introduction to the AeroPoints App

The AeroPoints App is only compatible with AeroPoint 2s.

Downloading the Mobile App

The AeroPoints app is compatible with mobile devices running iOS and Android. To connect to AeroPoints with the mobile app, you must use a device with Bluetooth capabilities. Most mobile devices have Bluetooth, but you should check your user manual to confirm.

Other prerequisites: 

  • An internet connection
  • Access to an active iTunes or Play Store account
  • ANDROID ONLY: Android 10 or higher

The links below will take you to your mobile provider’s app store to download and install the AeroPoints app. 

First-time App Use

1. Turn on an AeroPoint. Remain within ten feet. 

2. Open the AeroPoints app on your mobile device. 

3. The AeroPoint you turned on should appear as a card on the screen after a few seconds.

4. Tap the card for more information about the current survey/upload and details about the individual AeroPoint.

Survey View: Capturing a Survey

Detail view: AeroPoint Status

Using the App

Using the AeroPoints app to check battery life, view stored data, and track the upload status of your data will help you troubleshoot your AeroPoints 2. The AeroPoints app provides diagnostic information about any connected AeroPoints. 

Connecting AeroPoints to the App

While powered on, AeroPoints will look for Bluetooth devices periodically. Connect with it by enabling Bluetooth on your mobile device and opening the AeroPoints app. 

Each AeroPoint will appear as a card in the main list. Try the SEARCH AGAIN button if you cannot connect to an AeroPoint. 


If you cannot see your AeroPoint within the app, please ensure it has not already been connected to another device. AeroPoint 2s can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time.

AeroPoints connected to the mobile app will indicate their charging and battery status. 

Tapping on the card will show the detailed view, which provides more information on the charging status and battery health. 

Not Charging


AeroPoints App Charging Status.gif

Network Diagnostics

While the AeroPoint is connected to a WiFi hotspot, the detail view in the app will display network information and upload status for current and pending uploads, including:

  • Name of the network the AeroPoint is connected to
  • Quality of the internet connection to the AeroPoint
  • Progress of the current upload
  • Size and date of capture for pending and current uploads

AeroPoints App Network Diagnostics.gif

If issues occur during the connection/upload mode of the AeroPoint, it may be helpful to configure a custom hotspot with the AeroPoints app.

Stored Data and Upload Status

When AeroPoints upload data, the Survey view will list the data being uploaded or queued for upload. Data will be displayed in chronological order. 

Once a capture has been successfully uploaded, it will no longer appear in the app the next time it connects to that AeroPoint. Check your AeroPoints dashboard for historical data.

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