AeroPoint 2 Light Patterns and Modes

Indicator lights

Logging Light

Describes GPS survey behavior.

Network Light

Describes the network and upload behavior.

The AeroPoint has printed instructions on it that describe how these lights react based on the AeroPoint’s mode. The AeroPoint app will also display the current operating mode. 

AeroPoint Modes

Logging Data: The Logging light will remain solid and lit.

Searching for a Wi-Fi Network: The Network light will blink.


Uploading data to a Wi-Fi Network: The Network light will remain solid and lit.

Updating Firmware: The Logging and Network lights will alternately blink.


Charge Status

To view the charging status of your AeroPoint, plug the AeroPoint in, collect a small test capture of less than about 1 minute, and upload it. After a successful upload, the power and network lights on the AeroPoint 2 will indicate the charging status:

Currently charging: Logging and Network lights blinking.


Fully Charged: Logging and Network lights are solidly lit.


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