Configuring a Custom Hotspot with the AeroPoints App

Please note that a custom hotspot will only work for AeroPoint 2s.

AeroPoint 1s can only connect to a WiFi network called "propeller" with the password "propeller."

When you press the power button on AeroPoint 1s to finish recording, they enter “WiFi search mode,” indicated by the light blinking. In this mode, AeroPoint 1s will search intermittently for a WiFi network called “propeller” with the password “propeller.”

For AeroPoint 2s, you can set up a custom hotspot with different credentials than the default "propeller"/"propeller" using the steps below.


The network name cannot be longer than 32 characters. 

The network password cannot be shorter than 8 characters or longer than 64 characters.

Setting Up a Custom Hotspot

1. With your AeroPoint 2s turned on, launch the AeroPoints App.

2. Confirm that all of the AeroPoints you’ve turned on show up as cards on the screen in the app.

3. Tap the Network icon in the bottom-right corner of the app.

4. Input the credentials you wish to use when connecting to the custom hotspot. 

Make sure you connect to a network that is using the 2.4GHz network band, not 5GHz.

5. Tapping the next button will configure each AeroPoint on the list.

6. The configuration will be complete when a checkmark is next to each Aeropoint on the list.

Please test that the AeroPoints connect to the hotspot by conducting a ten-minute capture and upload, assuring that only the custom hotspot is available without the default ("propeller"/"propeller").

I still can't do it!

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