How To Edit AeroPoint Sets or AeroPoint Survey Details

In the AeroPoints Dashboard, you can edit the details of your survey.

Rename AeroPoint sets or AeroPoint surveys

Rename AeroPoint Sets

If you have several sets of AeroPoints that need to be differentiated, or if you need to rename the set you have, you can follow the steps below to change the set's name. 

1. Navigate to the set you would like to rename in your AeroPoints dashboard in your portal.

2. Click on the current name of the AeroPoints set at the top of the dashboard. 

3. The name will be highlighted, and you can change the name. 

4. The name will save after you press Enter or click elsewhere on the page.

Rename your AeroPoint surveys

1. Navigate to your AeroPoints Dashboard.

2. Select the AeroPoint survey you want to rename.

 3. This will direct you to the AeroPoint survey details. Click on the name, and type the new name. 

 4. Hit enter/return on your keyboard or click anywhere on the screen to save.


Change the Measurement Units

1. Navigate to the AeroPoint survey you want to change in your AeroPoints Dashboard and click on the name. This will take you to the details of that particular flight.

2. Click the + next to the Coordinate Systems option.

This contains the projection information of the survey and will allow you to change the MEASUREMENT UNITS for this AeroPoint survey.

3. From the dropdown, you can view your survey in meters, international feet, or US survey feet.

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